The Only Reliable Addiction Intervention Services In Colorado

Who We Are

We are one of the best drug intervention services in Colorado with a decade worth of experience in helping people fight their addiction.

What We Do

We dedicate our resources time and lives to help people battle their addiction.

Our Plan

To constantly strive and provide the best care possible when it comes to fighting addiction.

A Chance To Start Anew In Healthy And Positive Direction

Battling addiction is never an easy task. However, with lots of help and work you can do it! We are dedicated to giving you that fighting chance to achieve that goal within a realistic time frame with all the tools and knowledge that is available to us. We will fight for you as long as you want to fight too. We will offer every resource we can to help you beat your drug and alcohol addiction even if we have to partner with drug and alcohol treatment centers such as The Recovery Village Colorado

We Offer You Recovery Support

During the intervention, it is hard to beat the drug or alcohol addiction if you don’t have any support in your life. Fear not, as we will be your guiding light, the support you need. We will be there for you during your fight and will still be there for you once you beat it.


Meet Our Specialists

Rick King

Rick King

Rick King is our Vice President of Operations and our Intervention Coordinator. Mr. King has been with us for many years and he is responsible for many inventive approaches and solutions when dealing with addiction.
Essie Reynolds

Essie Reynolds

Essie is our Intervention Coordinator & Intervention Counselor and she has helped countless people overcome their addiction with her compassion and knowledge. With her, you are in safe hands no matter your problem. Essie specializes in dealing with drug addiction.
Bryant Manning

Bryant Manning

Bryant is our Intervention Coordinator & Intervention Counselor who coordinates with Essie on how to best deal with the patient’s needs and special requirements when it comes to dealing with their alcohol or drug addiction. Bryant specializes in dealing with alcohol addiction.

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