Joseph T Taylor

At Pathway Interventions, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate a successful alcohol intervention or drug intervention. We understand that you may have already made many unsuccessful attempts to inspire your loved one to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program. This is why we are dedicated to providing you the most compassionate and effective service to help the one you so dearly care for.An important thing to remember when you want to seek out help is that not all institutions offer the same quality and experience when applying different methods to treating individuals with their alcohol or drug problems. With our top-of-the-line approach, we have treated thousands of people and will continue to do so in a safe environment that will help countless people in the future.We have facilitated hundreds of interventions across the country for families just like yours, who have had a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Many of these families had reservations in hiring professionals to assist them. We understand that making the decision to move forward with this process can be a difficult one.

Coming closer to committing to the process can also bring rise to a number of different fears. Pathway Interventions ensures that each and every intervention we facilitate is fully prepared for. Our intervention specialist will come directly to your home and meet with your family prior to approaching your loved one. We will take every necessary precaution to ensure a successful outcome for you and your family. Most importantly, we will take the time to understand the needs of your family on an individual basis. Our highly trained staff has spent years fine-tuning our intervention process. Through educating and assisting families, we have achieved a 96% success rate in gaining commitments from those we have intervened upon to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program.