Four Signs It’s Time To Act On The Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is one of those drugs that has become so far-reaching that it has a firm foothold in almost every home. However, having a few beers in the fridge and abusing alcohol is a whole different story. Alcohol abuse tends to have far-reaching consequences and once a person gets addicted to consuming alcohol on a daily basis it’s time for that alcohol intervention.

Here are some of the signs which can indicate it’s time to start focusing on that intervention if you want to help your friend, family member or loved one:

The alcohol use is becoming a constant activity

Alcohol-useLike we said having a few beers while you are making a barbeque is not alcohol abuse. However, if you or your loved one gets out of bed and the first thing they do is reach for the bottle, there might be a problem with alcohol that can escalate into a full-on addiction. If during their whole day they are just rotating actions around getting a drink, then it’s time to start an intervention.

Other examples of abusing alcohol as a constant activity can be:

– Drinking before, during and after every meal

– Drinking whenever somebody comes to visit and constantly inviting drinking friends over for a drink

– Having no limit once you/they start drinking

– Refusing to stop once told by other members of the family/friends/loved ones

The alcohol begins to affect one’s health

Alcohol-abuseAlcohol-related health issues can’t be just boiled down to one thing. However, keep in mind that if somebody starts having an aggressive behavior, starts having blurred vision, starts having constant problems with their food and other drinks they might have a bigger health problem that is just buried under the carpet. High blood pressure is also a sign with drinkers that should not be brushed aside but should look into as many people die every year from alcohol abuse.

The alcohol abuse puts others in harm’s way

Being drunk might be the activity of one person, but if that person gets behind the wheel while they are intoxicated or gets into fights and they do it frequently they are putting other people in danger. It’s time to stage an intervention if somebody does this on a daily basis.

The love for the bottle is stronger than the talk you had with them

Every alcohol drinker can stop and should consider what other tell them, especially if it’s a loved one trying to help. If they don’t hear your words and they don’t want to change even when you have given them time to change, it’s time to stage an intervention.